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Hello, we're happy you're here

Welcome to Veil Atelier, the premier provider of custom veils for discerning brides. Choosing a veil can be daunting - and often the choice is made secondary to the dress. Many brides do not know where to start, or even if they want to wear a veil at all. That's why we're here. 
"We believe a well chosen veil has the power to truly elevate a beautiful dress."
That is what we focus on most. Our first concern is in making the experience effortless - the choices a bride has to make in the journey to her wedding day are endless. We're here to simplify and demystify choosing a veil.

Our next concern is creating something you will not only love, but be able to keep for a lifetime.

"A beautifully made veil has the potential to become so much more than something you wore on your wedding day, it has the potential to become an heirloom for generations to come."

Finally, we are deeply passionate about creating unique and unforgettable designs - ensuring that you get a veil that not only elevates your day, but crafted with the highest quality materials available, using traditional techniques to ensure not only their beauty but also their longevity

We are proudly affiliated

We do veils & bridal accessories, but we also do word of mouth, and network with only the best in this business. For now, these are the partners we HIGHLY recommend to any brides we work with. 

We are also incredibly proud to be a handpicked Marriage Meander partner. 

Image by Taylor Heery
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